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Public Health Theme: Community Voice – Black Renaissance

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Public Health Theme: Community Voice – Black Renaissance
The Coatesville Black Media Renaissance (CBMR) project aims to create a community driven model that lifts every voice up to speak out, be heard, and activate change against the persistent inequity and injustice, in the City of Coatesville, that is often left out of mainstream media. CBMR will give local artists and storytellers a vehicle to amplify community voices through a variety of media platforms including print, mural arts, social media, film, spoken word, and regularly scheduled Town Hall podcasts.

Needs of client:
Led by the Brandywine Health Foundation (BHF), CBMR’s overall intent aligns with its Community Voice strategy, which continues to pioneer positive community change. One of BHF’s Community Voice goals is to: Build on community capacity and leadership to increase personal responsibility, voice, decision making skills that influence systems, policies, and distribution of community resources. What better way to address this goal, through community-led and owned media and voice? Similarly, our beliefs are that the media is a system with power and privilege and is harmful to communities of color because they can create the media and shape issues that do not reflect the voice of communities of color, instead they control the ability to influence the narrative.

BHF proposes to build upon its Community Voice strategy to authentically engage the community in order to increase understanding, begin healing and reconciling around race relations in the City of Coatesville, and influence unjust media, systems, policies, and practices that continue to marginalize its residents. Three promotional outlets will be used by the community to lift the Coatesville Black Media Renaissance’s efforts. 1) An advocacy platform to engage local legislators, 2) Arts & culture will be used to permanently display the Black Expo throughout the City of Coatesville and 3) Ongoing Town Hall Let’s Talk podcasts to engage local and mainstream media outlets.

What the student can bring:
*Youth lens for outreach
*Time to conduct research on current laws and policies

*Help create equitable community change
*Uplift community voices around social justice
*Provide support to community leaders to advocate for change – support could be assisting with legislative outreach, scheduling meetings, evaluating current policies and making recommendations for proposed changes.
*Support Black Expo Event

*Develop comprehensive list of inequitable laws and policies
*Assist the community is making recommendations for policy changes
*Attend racial equity trainings to improve understanding and comprehension of racial inequities and social justice.
* Conduct Outreach for Black Expo
*Provide planning and event support

Black Expo (exhibitions, art displays, community messaging):
Through various media platforms a Black Expo will be created to showcase the narrative themes generated from the community Town Hall Let’s Talk series by using intergenerational artistic expressions. The community will decide where to showcase and use the Expo to promote their voices. The Black Expo will consist of the creation of a print media, short film, mural arts, and storytelling through photography and spoken word and podcasts. All creative pieces will be produced by local artists that will be compensated for their time and talent and to purchase materials and supplies. The intent of the Black Expo is to capture and preserve historical perspectives, develop community solutions for change, and create and promote various forms of community-owned media.

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