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PROMPT DESCRIPTION For this blog, I am asking you to compose a sociological film review. A film rev


For this blog, I am asking you to compose a sociological film review. A film review is an assessment and a subsequent recommendation of a film. Your review should contain a (1) short summary, followed by an (2) analysis and evaluation (benefits and drawbacks), (3) a reflection, and a (4) recommendation (e.g., good, bad, worth the watch, worth watching in a sociology class, etc.) — remember — you are a blogger after all! Your one constraint is that you must demonstrate your ability to think sociologically about the subject matter presented.

You must review the film (all may be watched online):

Growing Up Trans


Your blog must contain the following parts (due 4/8 by 8pm):

Summary (4-5 sentences in length). This is the least important part of the essay. Summaries must be in your own words and not plagiarized we will be checking!
An analysis and evaluation (a full paragraph). Your analysis/evaluation must draw from your sociological knowledge, so, I’m asking you to connect what you saw in the documentary to TWO (2) specific concepts covered in the course (for example, socialization, racism, socialization, sex role, medicalization, approaches to medical care, healthcare costs, emotional socialization, etc.). An analysis will include a description of the sociological concept you’re including, how the concept is related to your artifact, and a breakdown of the items components and a discussion of those parts using a sociological point of view. Evaluations of films draw our attention to benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to underline the concepts you use. For more how to compose an analysis, go to: College Writing.
A reflection (a small paragraph). This should be a reflection on how the documentary informs your perspective of medicine in America as either a (prospective) practitioner, OR a consumer of healthcare services
A recommendation (a few sentences). Would you recommend this documentary to your classmates? If so, why? If not, why not? Who would this documentary be good for?
A response (150 words). In the week following the blog due date, read your classmates’ blogs and substantively respond to one of their recommendations. Do you agree? Disagree? Why/why not? Your response is due on 4/15 by 8pm.


By the end of week TWELVE, please “blog” one 500-word essay. Be sure your blog entry touches on all of the prompt requirements. You must refer to at least one outside source including primary/scholarly news websites, scholarly articles, or books.

Make sure your blog has been checked for typographical errors.

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