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View each of the two articles provided in the platform. Use the comment tools in the platform and add comments to each of the four articles. Address each of the following points: • Identify the topic, purpose and research questions in each article. • Summarize the author’s purpose in your own words • Explain how the literature introduced by the author in each article supports the author’s argument Part II: Select four published research articles related to your general research interest. Select two quantitative research studies and two qualitative research studies. You may substitute mixed methods study for one of the qualitative or quantitative studies. Ensure that each of the studies you’ve selected has been published in a peer reviewed journal. Part III: Write a 1,400 to 1,750 literature review in which you analyze each study from Part I and II based on the following questions: Respond to the following questions: • What questions do you want to answer in the literature review? • How did you decide what resources to include in the review? (Hints: you are looking for peer reviewed articles related to a specific topic). • Which research paradigm is the foundation of each of the selected articles? Summarize how you answered your questions. What questions do you still have about this topic? Review the Week 8 rubric for critical analysis and evaluation as you consider which questions might be worth pursuing further. Insights gathered from your annotated bibliography and from your analysis of your research articles of interest will be included in your Week 8 paper. Format your Literature Review in a manner that is consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Note: Review the Week 4 assignment. The literature from this week will also be used in Week 4. Materials • Using • Literature Review Guide

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