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PROBLEM TO SOLVE. Imagine that with the technology that we have but, it is the year 4,500,


Imagine that with the technology that we have but, it is the year 4,500,002,020, and the Sun starts to run out of hydrogen in its core. It is time to travel to save the Human Being.

The process of selection to travel in the future spacecrafts, 10 years from this moment, is based on knowledge of stellar astronomy and college level skills.

Find a close star where we could survive and hope to have a planet with Earth like features. Suggestion, use the Apendix F Stellar Data from your book ( Stars within 12 light-years), and defend why you choose that start. Also I suggest to read in advance Chapter 24 (Life in the Universe) and Chapter 13 (Other Planetary Systems). These chapters, plus the knowledge from the chapters already studied will help you to support the reasons why you choose one star to beet the future of humanity.

Also we know that we will have a long trip with the actual technology. Please describe individually why it is important that you are selected to be in the spacecraft and how using your professional college formation will help during this long trip.

Use TIMES NEW ROMAN SIZE 12, double space. APA style citations will be very important. Front page with name (s), space of images, bibliography list and citation lists pages are required but they doesn’t count as part of your essay.

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