principle of law in this case

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A. Please refer to Case Analysis 45 – Passage of Title on page 264, and answer the following questions:

Passage 45: Hughes purchased a new lincoln continental automobile from al green, inc., an authorized new car dealership. on the day of the sale applications for the title certificate. the understanding was that Hughes would take immediate possession of the car and return in a few days for new-car preparation and the installation of a CB radio. On the way home from the dealer, Hughes wrecked the car. The certificate of title had not yet been issued by the state. the buyer, Hughes, claimed that the title had not yet passed since the title certificate had not yet been issued. who must bear the loss?


1. What is the principle of law in this case?

2. Who must bare the losses and why?

B, Please refer to Case Analysis 41 – Substitute Goods on page 283, and answer the following questions.

Passage 41: Gagne made a good living selling snacks, hamburgers, and refreshments at athletic events. he placed a written order with a pacific container company for 4,000 styrofoam containers to be used to package hamburgers. Gagne requested that delivery be made three days before the last big football game of the season, and pacific promised to meet the date. Two days before the game, the order still had not been delivered. In desperation, Gagne ordered 4,000 similar containers from another firm. When his order from the pacific finally arrived, Gagne refused to


1. What is the principle of law in this case?

2. What is the probable outcome and why?

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