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Prepare an interpretive essay, minimum 4 full pages, in which you consider the meaning of at least t

Prepare an interpretive essay, minimum 4 full pages, in which you consider the meaning of at least two poems read in class. When preparing your essay, be sure to:

– assert your thesis statement about the overall thematic issue the poems suggest;
– identify the author and the title of the works as well as the date the texts were published (if known);
– briefly summarize the poems on a literal level;
– develop your interpretation using literary terms and concepts;
– support your interpretation by providing evidence from the texts themselves which should include specific references and quoted passages;
– for each poem offer a minimum of any 2 of the following as additional evidence – author’s biographical background; historical context; literary criticism
– offer a conclusion.

Some literary concepts explored in class which you may wish to consider as you develop your interpretation can include: persona, tone, paradox, use of irony, use of figurative language (such as simile, metaphor, personification), symbolism, and components of poetic form (such as alliteration, rhyme, meter). Remember, however, that when identifying these elements, you must tie them into your interpretation – i.e., explore their significance and relationship to the theme you’ve identified.


– Dulce et Decorum Est By: Wilfred Owen

– War is Kind By: Stephen Crane

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