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-Prepare a documented essay which offers an analytical interpretation of “A Raisin in the Sun,” mini

-Prepare a documented essay which offers an analytical interpretation of “A Raisin in the Sun,” minimum five full pages, which explores the issue of racism.

-Your essay should explore the following areas and ultimately tie it back to your interpretation of the literary work. (The author’s biographical data (one source) – the author’s historical data – i.e., information about the times in which the author lived and wrote – (one source) – literary criticism – i.e., observations and insights about the writer’s work presented by literary scholars – (one source).)

-Additionally, your paper should include: a clearly communicated introductory thesis statement which focuses your interpretation as well as a conclusion which sums up or restates the thesis; – a minimum of three reference sources, with all drawn from credible academic databases . – specific references to the actual text – both quoted and paraphrased;- a “Works Cited” list following the final page of the documented essay, providing a complete, alphabetically arranged (by author’s last name or title)
list of sources cited in the research paper as well as the primary source. This list must be presented in MLA format.

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