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Political Science 2302 Spring 2016 Project #4 Identify each member of the United States Supreme

Political Science 2302 Spring 2016

Project #4
Identify each member of the United States Supreme Court. Give a brief background of each member and provide the following:
A. Political Ideology (Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate)
B. Age
C. Religion
D. The President that nominated the member
E. Length of time on the Court.

Project #5
Post WWII – Explain the purpose of the Marshal Plan and Truman Doctrine.
Cold War – Describe how Containment and the Domino Theory fashioned our
Foreign policy during the Cold War.
Post 9/11 – Explain the Bush Doctrine and its purpose for the control of terrorism.

You must give sources for all the information you provide.

You can not use Wikipedia as a source.

You must list all of the 9 people who are in the supreme court. Do not list Scalia since he passed away.
I need every single source you use, not wiki. I put 6 sources but if you use less or more its ok.

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