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Please read thoroughly and carefully ! I am giving the exact instructions the professor sent out. Pl

Please read thoroughly and carefully ! I am giving the exact instructions the professor sent out. Please just compare Popul vuh and vision de los vendicidos (which is broken spears by miguel leon portilla which will be the 2 easiest to compare) there are a lot of links online explaining popul vuh and broken spears here is one for each story. The second link should translate. Please anything you do .. do not plagiarize it only has to be 400-600 words no more or less. Thank you so much for your help.

We have seen the perspectives of indigenous (The Mayas in the Popol Vuh and different Mesoamerican cultures in the vision of the vanquished). At the same time, we have seen the prospects of three European writers (Columbus, Diaz del Castillo and Las Casas).

1) How these perspectives differ? For example, what differences exist in the narratives different in terms of what they describe and how they describe? We must also analyze how things qualify (indigenous people, actions of the Spaniards, nature – positive, negative and its implications) representing in their narratives.

2) In analyzing these ratings of their realities, we can see that intention are the authors of the various texts – for example if the author emphasizes the barbarity of the Indians in his narrative serves to justify the use of force soldiers or if indigenous emphasize the cruelty of the Spaniards used to call attention to the hypocrisy among Spanish stocks and the message of Christianity. Choose two texts read in class and determines intent or ideology of the author based on his analysis of the first section. Quote texts and explain or justify the conclusions using logical arguments.

3) In the last section should show how the chosen authors (of the two texts chosen at # 2) use language (texts) to conquer and colonize – the influence of the word published on the represented object and controlling ideas readers using the power of the word.

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