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Perform an analysis of the interpersonal communications

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View the film “12 Angry Men (Links to an external site..)” available at no charge to PSU students via Swank video streaming service.. The link is also provided in the Course Syllabus..

Perform an analysis of the interpersonal communications displayed in the film, focusing on the aspects of group communication that occurred during the jury’s deliberations.. Your analysis should be typed, 2-3 double-spaced pages in length.. Margins should be no more than 1″ wide and font no greater than 12-point..

As you watch the film, keep the following in mind:

What was the purpose of the group?
Did they achieve their goals?
Discuss some of the non-verbal communication which occurred in the group..
Describe the various communication barriers that occurred throughout the film..
Who effectively used “I” messages?
Discuss the relationship among the jurors.. Was the relationship important in the short-term? In the long-term? Did their relationship change during the course of the film?
What types of diversity issues were explored in the film? Were there biases and were they overcome? How?
Select a character and describe the process of persuasion they utilized..
How do you think the jurors felt regarding the conclusion of their deliberations? Were all satisfied?

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