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Part Three: Analysis of Qualitative Data

• Definition • Central agreement-what do you mean by the topic? What is sanitation? What are your trying to research about it? • What is the value? • What are the key themes that you found in each of the 4-5 articles • Look at your conclusion- what you learned, key findings, what was central to the article? • Select 4-5 articles. • Don’t use your opinion in the essay • Important works • Focus ON CITIES -topic must be based on understanding sustainability in american CITIES. (FOR RESYCLING AND SANITATION) -I included 5 articles that should be used for the paer. please make sure to list the key findings and themes in each article and how it is relevent in cities. i attached the instructions for the paper. please make sure to properly cite the articles throughout the paper. – i added a biblioraphy that i used to describe my paper but dont use that for the paper, start from scratch please. – if you think you can find another article on the queens college library database that better suits this paper, feel free to inlcude that instead. -i included the link to each article so you can click the link to view the entire article for the referneces.

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