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On the basis of the paper that is attached- which talks about the Social Movement Organization calle

On the basis of the paper that is attached- which talks about the Social Movement Organization called the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Martin Luther King and information that is given in various newspaper articles as well as the individual Social Movement Organization itself

1. Describe the SMO’s framing AND how the media framed the SMO.

This is a link to the newspaper articles of back in the 50’s and 60’s that talks about Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Use this as well as other articles for the framing aspect of this write-up and add the bibliography.

If the link times out- go to where it says advanced search and type in “southern Christian leadership conference” and the articles should pop up. You can use other articles if need be.

2. Analyze the organizational structure of the SMO.

The analysis of the organizational structure should be derived from the two models bureaucratic and collectivist democratic, and the characteristics specific to cults/SMOs. Some characteristics can be drawn from different models if applicable.

The information already in the paper can help you with the organizational structure but you need to expand on it based on the modules. Collectivist democratic is where the focus should be here and other characteristics of SMO’s too.

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