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Objective: Students will expand their knowledge on a specific historical event or phenomena by inves

Objective: Students will expand their knowledge on a specific historical event or phenomena by investigating a research question using library research and sources.

The topics to choose from are:

Indentured Servitude during the 16th and 17th centuries in the Americas
The Slavery Trade Triangle
The Tobacco based Economy of the Virginia Colony
The Colombian Exchange
Students are to select a topic from above and write a relevant research question as the basis of their research/writing assignment by next Tuesday’s class, Sept. 6, 2016. The research question should not be one that is answerable by a simple “YES” or “NO;” usually those that start with “Do…” Instead, use what, how, and why type questions. Instructor must approve both the topics and questions prior to beginning any library research.

Required Resources: You should consult at least three other credible resources.

Length: This essay/research writing assignment should be at least four (4) pages long, not including a title and a bibliography pages. You should have an introduction, where you state your question, body, and conclusion. It should be double-spaced and a 12 size font, preferably Times New Roman or Calibri. Do not use fancier font styles.

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