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Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignme

Not meeting minimum requirements results in a zero. All instructions given in Participation Assignments are considered minimum requirements. No partial credit given. Read and follow instructions exactly and carefully. Two (2) points for following all instructions.
First, read page 159 about media. Give a detailed definition of media or medium. Check your textbook but use your own words.

Second, we have discussed text and images before. Now, we will look at more and learn to interpret the images into text. Turn to page page 206-207 in Chapter 9, The Creative Process. The medium is collage and the subject matter is political. Divide Hannah Hoch’s Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany into 4 quadrants: upper left hand-corner, upper right-hand corner, lower-left corner, and lower right-corner.

Pick one of the quadrants and explain the imagery in that particular space. Use your textbook to help you decipher her imagery. Let me know what she is saying. Be specific! Vague answers are not enough.

Third, what is Dada?

Finally, in a future assignment you will create a collage. Discuss how you create this piece step-by-step. Again, use your textbook for help. An answer stating collage is a way to communicate a message does not answer the question. All art has a message. How would you describe to someone how to physically create the collage from start to finish? See page 205.

150 words total.

In the next two pages after this Participation Assignment, you will find an example of how one artist interpreted a poem.

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