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need help in writing an introduction for my success paper

need help in writing an introduction for my success paper. I will provide the main line that I have created I received a 48/50, but I am struggling so much right now with an catchy introduction. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Markel 1 Amber Markel Amanda Ladig English 1100 July 26, 2017 The Day I Became a Real Leader The date was June 27 th , 2017. Like any other typical work day at Elkhart Place. I walked in straight to the time clock. As I am turning around ready to start my day on the floor I am met by the Director of Nursing. It was never an uncommon thing to be asked to come to her office to speak with her, but on this typical day it wasn?t her office we were headed to. As we walk past the Director of Nursing office I become a little anxious thoughts pouring through my head. Here I am directed to have a seat; I?m now in the Executive Directors office surrounded by our Corporation Manager, Executive Director and the Director of Nursing. Here I am in the hot seat all eyes on me, a million thoughts are running through my head ?What did I do?? ?Why am I here?? I am then asked by the Corp Manager ?Mrs. Markel what are your thoughts on Elkhart Place?? A panic must have set in and had shown in my body language. It was then that my Director of Nursing spoke up and assured me this was a meeting to discuss my future with the company and that I was in no trouble. Feeling relieved I start pouring my heart out, showing my true compassion for the company and the residents I work with. While smiles and warmness poured from the other parties in the room. That is when my Executive Director spoke up and said ?We have made a great choice with your compassion and hard work. We would like to offer you the position as the Evening Lead.? A smile reaches my face. I greatly accepted the offer. Finally those 116 hour pay periods had finally made more of a difference. At this point I can?t View the Answer Markel 1 get out of the office fast enough to tell my family the good news. Since I had started this company in January I had been very dedicated. I had personally missed out on so many family events and had to make up holidays around my off time. After sharing my excitement it was time to get back to business. Job responsibilities changed, goals changed, and relationships with coworkers changed. Markel 1 Amber Markel Amanda Ladig English 1100 July 26, 2017 The Day I Became a Real Leader The date is June 27th, 2017. Like any other typical work day at Elkhart Place I walked to the time clock… Hi I attached some changes I made in the document, I changed it in the file rather than mark it on the side. I feel by… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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