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National Laws and Regulations Protecting Patients

4 different question each week Needs to be answer seperately at least 250+words response Week 3 Forum: How does the transportation system benefit or hurt the economy? Given limited transportation investment dollars, how do we really know the extent to which a transportation project will benefit the economy? What are the fundamental economic concepts we use to analyze the transportation system? Week 4 Forum: Air Carriers – Many shippers are willing to pay more for air service. As a result the industry has grown substantially. However, added congestion has caused delays on runways. Also for there could be delays with ground service in getting to the airport. Outline the advantages and disadvantages for using full service air carriers and their reliability and accessibility. Use proper references from the University library, Government website, and/or GAO to support your conclusion Week 5 Forum: Examine when a shipper should use FOB origination pricing and when they should use FOB destination pricing. Week 6 Forum: Examine how standards can help with balancing strategic priorities and incorporating sustainability. Week 7 Forum: How does understanding a country’s ability to generate, transport, and sustain transportation forces contribute to understanding its national power?

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