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My topic is “the evolutionary/socialogical advantages of homosexuality” I need this nice, please. I’

My topic is “the evolutionary/socialogical advantages of homosexuality”
I need this nice, please. I’m a senior. I can proof read it since I’ll need to turn in a rough draft anyway.
I want to look at this from a biological angle/observe the advantages of homosexuality in other species’ communities and , the importance of homosexuality in developing social systems, the evolutionary REASON homosexuality happens and so on. Thank you for this, in advance. I love and appreciate you, whomever you may be. If it is finished before Monday, please don’t be shy to send it prematurely, since I doubt getting familiar with “my” paper before I proof read & turn it in definitely won’t be a bad idea . Again thank you for your hard work and diligence, and of course, for saving my lazy ass.

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