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Working individually, students are required to research and analyze a company or brand’s use of social media (sign up for a brand under the sign-up sheet using the group tab under tools). In 5-7 double-spaced pages (12 point times new roman font, 1 inch margins including references) students will craft a polished report that demonstrates their ability to understand a company’s use of social media for the following purposes (see Barker, Barker, Bormann, & Neher, Ch. 2): 
1.     Brand building
2.     Increasing customer satisfaction
3.     Driving word-of-mouth recommendations
4.     Producing new product ideas
5.     Generating leads
6. Handling crisis-reputation management
7. Integrating social media marketing with PR and advertising
Students must analyze the use of the following social media tools:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• YouTube
The best reports will be factual and analytical. There is no room for personal feelings or emotional response. Think of this report as the type of report created by a social media consultancy firm before a first meeting with a client. The goal is to assess where the client is in terms of their social media use while providing a sense of what the firm would/could do for them if they were to hire it. The report should include the following sections (TIP: Follow the sections below as an outline and write your report with the specific sections as headings!)
Introduction: Introduce the company, what it is that they do, and why social media is important to their business. HINT: Look at the industry they operate within as well as norms/standards for social media use in that industry. It may be useful for this section to search for “social media and ______NFL________” where blank is the name of your company/brand or industry. (1/2-1 page) (30 points)
Overall summary of social media use: Briefly summarize the company’s history with social media and current use of social media along with the overall strategic focus from one or several of the above purposes (Raise awareness, influence desire, etc.). Can you identify who manages social media for the business (marketing department, outside social media advertising firm etc.)? Are they using the different tools like Twitter, Instagram Pinterest etc. in ways that are unique or duplicative? How do they leverage each tool for best effect/impression? (1/2-1 page) (30 points)
Use of each listed tool (5): List how each tool is used; provide examples; infer the primary purpose from those listed above (1/2-3/4 page each tool; 3 pages total) (120 points)
Assessment and recommendations: Assess overall social media use. Make at least three recommendations based upon your assessment and research; HINT: Consider a Social Media SWOT analysis that looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the firm’s use of social media which might point towards recommendations. (2 pages) (90 points)
References: Demonstrate that you used appropriate materials to inform your understanding of the firm’s social media marketing (1/2 page) (30 points)
 This assignment is worth 300 points.
Papers that receive 270-300 points are classified as excellent and will be free of typos and grammatical errors and contain all elements listed above. They will be thoroughly researched and use credible industry and business press resources (try using Business Source Premier for research) and have a full set of references (5 minimum). Recommendations and assessment will be insightful and creative.
Papers graded 240-269 points are good. Typos and grammatical errors are minimal and all elements of above are included. They are researched and have some references. Recommendations and assessment are present and analysis is sound.
Papers graded 225 points or below reflect less than good work. Typos and grammatical errors are frequent. Elements above are missing. There is little evidence of research. Recommendations and assessment are not based upon analysis.
Grammar & Editing: I will deduct 1 percentage point for EACH grammatical, typographical, and spelling error made on this project.
I grade very critically on grammatical, spelling, typographical, and style errors — very critically! People have dropped two entire letter grades for these errors since each mistake is 1% off your final grade. Why am I so strict on this? Because much of business is about communication, especially in marketing.
Since you are preparing, in effect, formal business communication documents, it reflects on your professionalism when you do it right. Proofread each other’s work, take advantage of the writing center on the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow campuses, use grammar books and dictionaries, or ask me. Don’t trust spell-checkers since they often cannot discern between “stationary” and “stationery” and other words depending upon context.

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