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My professor asked the class to think of a topic for our adolescent psych course. its supposed to b

My professor asked the class to think of a topic for our adolescent psych course. its supposed to be 2-3 pages. APA format. I have attached my abstract page, which explains what I want the essay to be about and will also put down the specific instructions the professor asked for.

Research Paper:

The Turn-it-In software is active and will be used on your paper to identify matching content from published sources…and avoid plagiarism and miss-quoting sources.

The assignment will permit 10% matching content without impact on your grade. Quotes must be no longer than 2-3 sentences (maximum) in length and only 2 in the entire paper.

All references are APA and citations must be included to support the sources of information that you used and paraphrased.

Note: You must have at LEAST 3 peer-reviewed sources, psychology books, scientific research or government sources, published in the last 5 years. Your textbook is NOT an acceptable source and should not be listed in the references. Points will be deducted. You may NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, personal experiences, friends or associates, newspapers, interviews, dissertations or graduate thesis.

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