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My major is Communicative Disorders/Speech Pathology and this paper is for my Fluency class. My prof

My major is Communicative Disorders/Speech Pathology and this paper is for my Fluency class. My professor obviously wanted us to actually be in these situations and try stuttering but I know this paper can easily be made up by someone creative 🙂

You will perform voluntary/pseudostuttering in the following situations with the following people:
(a) in person with a family member or friend,
(b) over the telephone or at a drive-through with a stranger, and
(c) in person with a stranger.

During each situation you will use a variety of core and secondary stuttering behaviors. You will then write a 3-4 page reaction paper. For EACH situation you will include in the paper:
• Describe the situation and person in which you used voluntary stuttering (include
the date).
• Describe the specific types of stuttering behavior (core and secondary) that you
• How did you and your listeners react to your voluntary stuttering?
• How did you feel (physiologically/mentally) before, during and after each
• How well did you think you were able to model stuttering and communicate with
listeners at the same time?

(*so 3 paragraphs total for that section, 1 paragraph per “situation”. the paragraphs can be long, my professor isn’t strict on the formatting for this paper just as long as we cover all of the bullet points*)

After discussing each situation above, at the end of your paper answer the following:
• Was using pseudostuttering always hard or was it easier at times? Did it become
easier or harder? Why?
• What did this teach you that may help you when working with people who
• Did you have any feelings or were you exhibiting any behaviors (physiologically
and/or mentally) that might be similar to a person who stutters?

(*and then these bullet points above can be in a separate paragraph at the end*)

I’m hoping it’ll be like 3 whole pages and maybe a few sentences carrying over to the 4th page.. but whatever you guys come up with is good.
Thank you in advance!

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