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My focus is on China’s media and social media censorship and control. Follow APA style. (Approx. 5-

My focus is on China’s media and social media censorship and control.

Follow APA style. (Approx. 5-8 pp)
This research-based paper should demonstrate you have become familiar with aspects of media policy, media history, media distribution, media effects and/or media content in another country.

The paper could provide an overview of media in the country but should also focus on something specific about media in the country. You could focus on a specific type of media or a specific event in the country’s media history or a specific issue such as censorship or media control or specific important developments or the way media affect specific parts of the population such as women or children or something else that you find important that is media-related in the country you choose. To be eligible for an A, the paper should deal with some specific issue or development and not just be an overview.

100 points:
Appropriate topic choice/scope 10 pts.
Discussion of an issue/development 10 pts.
Quality and depth of information 30 pts.
Quality of sources 20 pts.
Quality of writing—Clarity, organization etc. 20 pts.
Adherence to APA style 10 pts.
Identification/discussion of issue 10 pts.
Points deducted for writing errors

Part of your grade depends on the quality of the sources you use. You should use both academic and credible news sources; they can be augmented with credible web-based sources. The sources must be documented correctly throughout your paper and listed in the References. Using sources without documenting them in the paper and its references section is plagiarism (even if it started as research) and you will fail the paper and, if the plagiarism is extensive, fail the course. Saying you didn’t know you were plagiarizing is not a defense.(See the section on plagiarism below.)

Finding sources: To find academic sources, go to the Library’s home page on our website and click on “Find Articles.” If you don’t find any articles, try changing your keywords (the words you are using to search). If you can access specific databases, I recommend starting with Communication and Mass Media Complete and Academic Search Premier. Other databases will be useful depending on your topic. For example, if you want to look at media effects on the people in a country, you could search Sociological Abstracts. Use the help of a reference librarian. Try the chat option.

To find credible news sources, start with the New York Times. Make sure you set the search dates for the full archive. You can search news magazine sites and other credible media outlets as well.

For web sources, be sure to go beyond the first couple that Google or your search engine lists. You are responsible for judging both the quality and accuracy of the website’s information. Be sure to consider the source and the source’s agenda. For example, if you are using a website sponsored by a government or somebody selling something, use some critical judgment.

Documenting Sources and Following APA Style
The following types of information in your Media Profile must have a source correctly identified to back up the information: This is called citing the source or a citation.

a. Any statistic, whether explicit or implied. An explicit statistic gives an obvious number, such as “52% of the radio stations are owned by the government.” An implied statistic may not give an actual number, but someone had to count something to make the statement accurate, such as “more than half the radio stations are owned by the government” or “more young people are getting their news from the internet than from broadcast sources.”
b. Any direct quote. Everyone knows you have to give the source of any direct quotation. Be sure to reproduce the quotation and use quotation marks accurately.
c. Any paraphrase or summary. You will be paraphrasing and summarizing information throughout the paper, so this will be your main use of citations.
d. Any opinion statement you want to have accepted as fact. If you want to make a point that some of your readers may not agree with but you don’t want to have to defend the point, you can treat it as if it’s a fact for the purposes of the paper if you can support it by citing a credible source. For example, if you want to make the point that the Voice of America played a significant role in encouraging young people in Eastern Europe to resist Soviet domination, you would need to support that with a credible source as it could be considered an opinion. Or if you want to comment on the quality of something, such as “artists that led the British Invasion are considered among the best song writers and performers in Rock and Roll history,” it would need a citation to show that a knowledgeable and credible source believes this.
e. Any historical event that is not common knowledge. You don’t need to document the date the Berlin Wall fell, but you would need to cite a source if you were giving the date of when a country privatized its telephone system or when a magazine started publication.

When you list web sources in the references, you will need to give the date you accessed the source. I recommend starting a new Word document where you copy and paste each URL you use and the date of access. If you access a print article electronically, you will need the full bibliographic information for the article so make sure to copy and paste that as well but you do not need the access date.

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