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You will write an APA-style research paper about pollutants, their impacts, and mitigation of harmful effects. Include the following: •Select 1 example of an environmental pollutant from the following list: ◦Acid precipitation/ Acid rain ◦Smog ◦DDT pesticide use ◦Eutrophication •Answer the following questions about the pollution problem that you chose: ◦Describe the pollutant chosen and the source of the pollutants. Include both natural and human sources, as applicable. ◾Is this a point-source pollutant or nonpoint-source pollutant? Explain. ◦What are the harmful impacts of the pollution? ◾Describe impacts to both humans and to ecosystem structure and function. ◦What steps are in place to eliminate the pollutant or to mitigate harm from the pollutant? ◾Describe examples of laws or regulations that apply to the pollution and its sources. ◾Also, describe educational programs, technology, or other initiatives that are used to help control the pollution. ◦Have the programs, best management practices, or regulations been effective in resolving harm from the pollutant? ◾Give examples of progress, or explain with examples what more could be done. 2-3 pgs

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