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Marketing Research Marketing 4333 CRN 31678 Individual Project Dr. Ronald E. Petty April 1, 2017 C

Marketing Research
Marketing 4333 CRN 31678 Individual Project
Dr. Ronald E. Petty
April 1, 2017

Companies/Organizations Name
American Airlines
Bank of America
Barnes and Noble Alharbi Bandar
Best Buy Alharbi, Muhannad
Burger King
Coke Berg, Nikolas
Delta Airlines
Dell Dulany, Kateri
Dillard’s Geary, Jaci
Ford Groggins, Erin
General Motors
Home Depo
K Mart Guzman, John
Krispy Kream
Levis Judkins, Kody
Macy‘s Kucera, Elizabeth
J. C. Penney Lawrence, Brandon
Saks Fifth Avenue Mitchell, David
Staples Mosinski, Cody
Starbucks Papineau, Riley
Target Powers, Jay
TGIF Rajput, Vaishali
Toyota Rogers, James
Toys R US Ruley, Gentry
Tyson Foods Ruley, Kennedy
Village Inn
Walgreen’s Spasov, Slavcho
Whirlpool Steed, Rebecca
Wilson Sporting Goods
Yahoo Weaver, Kanden

Marketing Research
Marketing 4333
April 1, 2017

Dr. Ronald E. Petty

Marketing Research Project

Your assignment is to research one of the selected companies/organizations and write a paper on your findings. The assumptions are there is a decrease in sales, profits, and/or market share related to current economic conditions. Based on these assumptions for your selected company/organization you will: (1) define the problem, (2) establish research objectives, (4) determine research design, (5) identify information types and sources, (6) collect secondary data from three sources, (7) analyze data and (8) prepare and present final research report. The data collected should be current, within the last twelve to eighteen month.

This paper should be double spaced, cover sheet, body 8 to 10 pages in length, and APA format. The presentation could include power point, handouts, or other visuals to enhance your presentation. You can also review chapter 16; The Research Report for additional information.

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