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Manufacturing planning and scheduling principles

You own University Heights Apartments, a business that rents primarily to students. One evening, your tenant Sharon is attacked by an intruder who forces the lock on the sliding glass door of her ground-floor apartment. Sharon’s screams attract the attention of Darryl, your resident manager, who comes to Sharon’s aid. Together, Darryl and Sharon drive the intruder off, but not before the intruder injured both badly. Write a paper of 700- to 1,050-words answering the questions posed by this scenario. Your paper should focus on tort law rather than criminal law. • Is the intruder liable for what he has done? Why or why not? • Do you have legal responsibilities to Sharon and Darryl? Why or why not? Discuss your legal responsibilities, if any, to Sharon and Darryl separately. • Do you have ethical responsibilities to Sharon and Darryl? Explain. If there are ethical responsibilities, what are they? Discuss your ethical responsibilities, if any, owed to Sharon and Darryl separately. • What should you do to prevent or mitigate such risks from occurring again? Cite to at least four scholarly references. You may include your text as one of the four. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. TEXT BOOK: Reed, O.L., Pagattaro, M.A., Cahoy, D.R., Shedd, P.J. & Morehead, J.W. (2013). The legal and regulatory environment of business (16th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Could I have it back by 12/9/2016 at 8 pm est?

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