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Latin American Studies Read each question carefully, answer all parts, and STICK TO THE TIME PERIOD

Latin American Studies

Read each question carefully, answer all parts, and STICK TO THE TIME PERIODS ASKED ABOUT IN EACH ONE. Responses should be about 750 words per question (about 1,500 words total for the two questions not including bibliography). Remember to not overuse your sources. The majority of the 750 words should be written by you. If most of the response consists of citations, you won’t earn a high grade as I am looking primarily at what you’ve written.

For each question you must use at least three different sources per question and have an in-text citation from each source (you can paraphrase as well but you must include a direct quote. NO BLOCK QUOTES). Of the three sources, only one can be a Web source; the other two must be print sources (the Hillman text, other books, journal articles, etc). Cite in MLA format.

Select a political poem written by any Latin American author. DO NOT PICK SOMEONE FROM SPAIN. Analyze the poem, state what movement it belongs to (Romanticism, modernism, avant-garde, etc), and why it fits that literary movement. Be careful with this one and remember these movements spanned a specific time frame. For example, a poem written in the 20th century will not fit Romanticism. ALSO, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE AUTHOR OR PROVIDE BACKGROUND INFORMATION. Just focus on your analysis and explain what the poet is trying to convey.

With the possible exception of the Catalina de Erauso, all the early conquistadors were male, as were the “liberators” of the early nineteenth century. Yet women—Spanish, Indian, and African—played an important role in the history of colonial Latin American too. Analyze the role and status of Latin American women between the sixteenth and the early nineteenth century (1500s-1830s). Does it change in a positive direction, or remain the same? DO NOT include examples like “The Underdogs”, “Portrait of Teresa” or anything else that was not written during or portrays the specified time period.

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