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INSTRUCTIONS 1. Answer ONE of the following questions. Use a combination of discernible writing pat


1. Answer ONE of the following questions. Use a combination of discernible writing patterns for
this researched academic argument.

2. Quotations should be referenced and a list of references should be provided. Use APA
documentation format only.

3. Pages indicated in questions are from World Politics (3rd Edition) by Jeffry A. Frieden, David A.
Lake and Kenneth A. Schultz.

4. Use a minimum of six secondary academic sources.

5. Essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words
6. You may illustrate your points with examples from movies and any other texts.

7. Electronic copy of this essay should be submitted not later than 11.59pm of 12/6/2016

8. Response must be typed:

a. Avoid using fancy fonts; only use 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri.

b. Except for page numbers, leave one-inch margins at the top, bottom, and both sides of
the paper.

c. Spacing: Double line spacing.

d. See other conditions on page 4 of your syllabus for this course.

1. According to Peter Schwartz, chairman of the Global Business Network, “there are people who
see this transformation [to globalization] as a big loss, not a gain.”1 Do you agree with this
assumption? Substantiate your position with evidence that demonstrate your knowledge of INR
theoretical learning.

2. States fight over territory, policies and regime type (Frieden, Lake and Schultz, 93-96). If this is
the case, would you consider it an abnormality for states to focus on ideas that are the
antithesis of notions espoused in Manifest Destiny and interrogated in Amy Kaplan’s “Manifest
Domesticity”? Provide cogent reason(s) that demonstrate your knowledge of INR theories in
your effort to make your persuasion worthy of consideration.

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