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Instructions: Written Analysis Utilizing the ENTIRE Critical Media Literacy Framework (40%) Assignme

Instructions: Written Analysis Utilizing the ENTIRE Critical Media Literacy Framework (40%)
Assignment Two: Written Analysis Utilizing the ENTIRE Critical Media Literacy Framework (40%)

6-8 pages max (double spaced) not including references, appendices, or reconstruction activity
Submit individually to ASSIGNMENT LINK and DISCUSSION BOARD link

Utilizing the five prong critical media literacy framework (featured on, you are required to deconstruct the media text you have chosen.
Please feel free to choose a mature and/or provocative image/clip that you are interested in from an adult’s point of view, if you so wish.

Utilize the entire critical literacy framework to analyze the chosen medium from your adult/teacher lens. This is a written critical analysis and should convey your ability to critically assess the media text you have chosen. (6-8 pages double-spaced max not including references page, appendices, or reconstruction activity). This part of the assignment will demonstrate your ability to engage with the entire critical framework. You will likely not be able to effectively implement this framework with your students unless you have a deeper understanding of it. This assignment provides you the opportunity to show what you know. An exemplary assignment will demonstrate that you understood the various aspects of the framework and can strategically apply a series of relevant critical questions to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate your chosen media text.

You are required to include all the key concepts of the framework, however, you will need to strategically select which questions you will apply from each of the five key concepts. Using every sub-question listed in each key concept will not be conducive to constructing a 5-8 page paper. In addition, you may want to choose to focus more on one key concept of the framework than the others. For example, negotiating audience meaning is a very broad and productive element of the framework and usually (but not always) requires more time/space for critical analysis. Therefore, you may choose to focus on this aspect, while still including the other key concept of the framework. It will be up to you to use your professional judgement and nuance this part of the analysis.

***Please also conclude your analysis with YOUR self-constructed counter ad or reconstruction activity (e.g., or other related reconstruction activity). If you chose a problematic media to work with, the reconstruction should be a bit more straight forward. A counter ad OR reconstruction activity requires you to address the problematic issues you highlighted by designing a new version of the originally chosen media text. You can use humour and/or sarcasm to make your points. YOUR students should also have many opportunities to critique AND reconstruct the media they are critiquing/analyzing. If you chose a clip, you could reconstruct the media by way of story board, cartoon, or movie script.

Typically, students have included the following in the appendices:
check lists
assessment strategies
completed sample reconstruction they made up to show a potential student reconstruction
extension activities
differentiated activities for IEP students
anecdotal note checklist
sample complete worksheets
various media clips that they could use to extend the original lesson
Of course, you do not need to include ALL of these things in the appendices but you may choose to include one or two.

Attached is an example of the assignment. follow this format.

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