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Instructions: The final document should be a detailed discussion of the company you chose at the b


The final document should be a detailed discussion of the company you chose at the beginning of the semester to study. The following provides you with the general structure for the document. I strongly urge you to follow this document structure (i.e. number 1, number 2). The assignment should have double-spacing with Times New Roman font and 1 inch margin throughout. The cover page should include the name of your company, your name, date, and course number (with section). The second page should include a table of contents outlining the general structure and page numbers for each sub-section. Feel free to attach all RELEVANT documents including financial ratio charts at the back of the document (Appendix). Use APA style in your reference citations. Make sure to properly cite others’ work(s) in your writing. Your responses should be typed with a minimum of FIFTEEN and a maximum of TWENTY-FIVE pages excluding the cover page, table of contents and any attachments.

For the company you have chosen, do the following.

1. Provide a brief history of the company including the company profile and philosophy.

2. Find the company’s vision and mission statement. Explain the importance of these statements and whether you believe the company is successful in their statements (be sure to explain why or why not). For example, Wal-Mart’s mission statement is “We save people money so they can live better.” Does Wal-Mart in fact save people money?

3. External Environmental Analysis: List the external environment factors and determine if they present as opportunities and threats (i.e. general environment, industry environment/Porter’s Five Forces, and competitive environment). Be sure to discuss how globalization affects your chosen company.

4. Internal Company Analysis: Assess the internal weaknesses and strengths (SWOT).

5. Evaluate the company’s strategies (What corporate and business strategies does the company implement? What activities do they undertake to implement the business strategy for each division? Do the activities and business strategy fit well?).

6. Analyze the business ethics practices (Do they have ethical codes? If so, list a few you believe are the most relevant given the nature of the company. How do they make sure that employees really stick to the rules?) Does the company use any social or environmental practices?

7. Examine the organizational culture (Describe their culture. Do they have a strong culture? Is the culture relevant to the strategy? Think Facebook and Google. What are these companies known for in terms of their organizational culture? What sets them apart?)

8. Provide the most recent financial statements- 2013 and 2014 (income statement & balance sheet). Conduct a financial (ratio) analysis (ROA, ROS, ROE, Debt to Equity, Stock price, Net Revenue, and Net Income). Be sure to explain the relevance that each of these ratios provides (i.e. why is it important to understand the company’s Debt to Equity, Stock price, Net Revenue and so on?) Explain what these mean to a CEO or CFO versus a shareholder or stakeholder).

Based on your analysis, you should conclude with an overall evaluation about the firm (would you want to become a stockholder or perhaps the CEO?), and provide several recommendations on the strategy the firm is currently undertaking. Recommendations need to be specific- need to be measurable and achievable targets.

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