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Instructions are pasted in below. Our recent focus has been on public opinion and political parti

Instructions are pasted in below.

Our recent focus has been on public opinion and political participation – polling, voting, the role of parties and interest groups, etc. Two themes have emerged from these discussions. The first is that Americans value political participation, especially in the form of voting, but do so at much lower rates than in most other democracies. The second theme is that Americans tend to be relatively uninformed about politics, even about the votes of their own representatives and about policy issues that affect them directly.

Use the Patterson text and your own research to answer ONE of the following questions in a 3 page double-spaced essay. **Make sure you answer ALL parts of your chosen question.** You MUST cite the textbook. You may use a parenthetical citation for convenience, e.g. (Patterson 83). You must use a 12 pt font and have 1” margins all around. Wider margins and/or a larger font size will lower your grade. Grammatical and typographical errors will adversely affect your grade. Plagiarism will result in automatic failure of the mid-term. Invest your energies in answering the question to the best of your abilities. You are all capable of earning top marks with sufficient effort.

1) What accounts for relatively low levels of political participation in the United States? What types of people are most and least likely to participate, and why? What are the policy consequences of the demographics of political participation?

2) What are the main influences that shape public opinion throughout life? How is public opinion measured? Explain some of the imperfections in this measurement system. What factors limit the influence of public opinion on the policy choices of elected officials? Does public opinion matter?

TEXTBOOK USED IN CLASS – We the People (12th edition) by Thomas E. Patterson

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