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In this assignment you are to begin to develop critical thinking skills by discussing various perspe

In this assignment you are to begin to develop critical thinking skills by discussing various perspectives on social welfare. Though you are to discuss your own perspective you are to take into consideration differing perspectives based on acquired knowledge, research and experiences. Choose a social challenge/problem from a global context that has great meaning to you. In the assignment discuss the following:

Clearly identify the challenge in society today 10 pts.

What are some different and opposing perspectives/ideologies ( liberal vs. conservative) about this challenge 20

What are past, present and possible solutions 15

How would you, as a social worker, contribute to these solutions 15

Critical thinking will be evaluated for up to 10 points.

Please present a typed, edited and well-written final paper in APA format (10 points).

It is your responsibility to assure your assignment is in the most current APA format.

You must have at least seven references from social work journals or related fields.

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