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In this assignment, students will identify one Canadian health policy of interest and will complete a critical analysis of the policy.

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In this assignment, students will identify one Canadian health policy of interest, and will complete a
critical analysis of the policy. The policy can have implications at the macro, meso, or micro level.
Drawing from course material, students will outline the historical and political conditions that
contributed to its development and will indicate its effectiveness in meeting its desired outcome. ..

Introduction: Identify the policy that you have chosen. Provide a brief introduction in which you state
the purpose of the policy, when it was introduced, and what you intend to discuss in your paper.

Historical Development: Describe the policy’s historical development. Include a description of the
historical, political, and cultural conditions that contributed to its development. Indicate if and how this
policy was considered a reasonable or expected development in the Canadian context at the time.
Description of the policy: Provide a description of the policy. Include its principal components and
who it is intended to serve. Indicate the extent to which the policy has been integrated into law and the
extent to which it has been taken up within Canadian society. Describe how it is operationalized or put
into practice.

Critical Analysis: Using scholarly literature, analyze the policy by addressing the following questions:
Does the policy address the issue it is meant to address? Does it meet the needs of the population it is
meant to serve? What effect has it had on people’s access to healthcare in Canada and / or to population
health outcomes? Drawing from the scholarly (i.e. peer-reviewed) or grey (i.e. from government
documents or reports, think tanks, etc.) literature, indicate critiques (positive and negative) that have
been directed at the policy. If possible, try to incorporate references that both support and counter the
policy, etc.

Conclusion: Write a conclusion to your critique. Sum up the major points in your paper.

Reference List: provide a complete reference for any sources used, in proper APA format.
Length: Your critical analysis should be between 1750 and 2000 words, maximum 2250 words, Times
New Roman 12 font, double-spaced

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