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IN NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS, write an essay explaining how and why the social environment or context t

IN NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS, write an essay explaining how and why the social environment or context that Sociological Canons and philosophers found themselves affected what they wrote about. Make sure to provide a brief explanation of each issue that they addressed. This is the major part of the essay and will need to include identification and explanation of key social context and philosophers that influenced the three canons and to a lesser extent the work of Simmel, Du Bois and feminist writers.
Identify specific individual(s), provide exact page number from the textbook and lecture notes. You will be marked based on your usage and understanding of the textbook and lecture notes.
Summary of the readings with a focus to answering the questions (about 350 words). How was social context important to each of these philosopher and social thinkers? What was in their social context that they wrote about and/or they theorized (be specific)? What are their commonalities and differences with respect to the context influencing their ideas and issues that they discussed?
Conclusion and Discussion- What is the general conclusion? What are some important questions that other researchers should pursue?
TEXTBOOK: Capitalism and Classical Social Theory, second edition. Authors John Bratton and David Denham.

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