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In addition to the tests, there will be one researched paper on a domestic, economic, foreign, or mi

In addition to the tests, there will be one researched paper on a domestic, economic,
foreign, or military policy that needs to be changed. Public policy changes often will
result in new legislation by the Congress or rules and regulations from the bureaucracy.
o This paper will count the same as a test.
o Be sure to follow this format and structure!
? Do not recycle an award-winning English paper unless you want a poor
grade or you reformat it to this structure.
o Your paper should have the following four labeled level 1 headings with
additional level 2 headings as shown below:
? Introduction (level 1 heading)
• Include a short explanation of the policy/issue.
• Include any definitions needed.
• (usually 1or 2 paragraphs)
• Includes a Statement of the Problem at the end of the
introductory paragraph in BOLD.
o A concise description of the problem.
o Not an issue – but a problem that can be solved.
o These problems should be for a government to solve and
not for an individual or court to work out.
o Do not show solutions as part of the problem statement.
o Usually 1 sentence—more than 2 sentences is wrong.
? History or Background of the issue (level 1 heading)
• How we got to where we are today.
• (usually 1 to 3 pages)
? Possible Choices that could be made (level 1 heading)
• Discuss the results that adopting each choice could produce in a
new paragraph starting each choice with a level 2 heading that
labels the choice.
o Think of your choices as you would think of a restaurant
menu: There are some items that you like; there are some
you would never ever order but someone else might like;
there are some items that are too expensive; there are some
items that taste better than others; there are some items
that have too many calories and some that may not have
enough…. List as many choices that you can think of that
are worth discussing.
o You may not like a choice but it should still be shown and
o One choice might be no change at all to the present policy.
Discuss what good or bad happens if we do that?
o Most proposals should have at least three choices including
no change. For example, keeping – or abolishing – the
death penalty is not generally a good topic as most writers
only develop two choices (keep it or abolish it).
o Do not list three or four choices and then recommend that
the government adopt them all. These are not really
choices if the proposal is to adopt all of your
o If you have one paragraph labeled Pros and one
paragraph labels Cons then you did not get this section
• (usually 1 to 3 pages)
? Conclusion (level 1 heading)
• summarize
• include your recommended outcome(s) or action(s)
• (usually 1 paragraph)
o The paper must have at least five pages of content
? Do not count title page, abstract page, or references page. Also, do not
count pictures, graphs, etc. (No a picture is not worth a thousand words.)
? Adequate in-text parenthetical citations are expected.
? These citations must be as listed in the References.
? The paper should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
o Be sure to have a:
? Title page (include an author’s note with the course number and section)
? Abstract page (remember key words at the bottom)**********
? References page
o At least five sources are needed for references.**********
o Use APA format.

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