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In about 4-6 pages compare and contrast two scenes from Never Let Me Go, using compare and contrast

In about 4-6 pages compare and contrast two scenes from Never Let Me Go, using compare and contrast as a rhetorical strategy to help you make some argumentative point about your interpretation of the text. In this case a scene is no more than a few pages. It should feature characters doing something in a particular place. You will want to choose two scenes that make sense when paired. Perhaps they do not make sense without each other or they contradict one another.
Within those scenes you will want to examine one or more of the components of literary criticism like plot, setting, characters, symbol, point of view, voice, etc. Culture is also an opportunity to make a point. use the components that will help you make an argument about what two scenes do for the larger text. Avoid using “you” talking about your progress making generalizations using colloquial language and simple summary.

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