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I’m doing a research paper on Interracial relationships/ why it’s still looked down upon. I already

I’m doing a research paper on Interracial relationships/ why it’s still looked down upon. I already got the Intro done, I just need everything else. Here is my intro:

“Many people who are in interracial relationships are faced with negative reactions from society every day that make it hard for them to have a “normal” relationship like any other couple. They deal with disapproval from family and friends, their own race and society as a whole. Although interracial relationships may be legal, it is still highly looked down upon. What I want to know is why interracial relationships are so controversial? Interracial couples are growing more and more every year, but are still experiencing the same negativity and comment as if we were in the early ‘50s. Interracial relationships are still being bashed on because society doesn’t like the thought of mixing two different cultures and traditions, they’re still a little racist, and they don’t like the fact that a bi-racial child will come out of it.”

Rest of paper:
2nd paragraph: Backround & Origins: How and when did it start? What caused this event? What purpose need did it serve?
3rd paragraph: Immediate Effects and Reactions: What did contemporary news accounts have to say? How was this event first received by the public? Was there controversy? What were the concerns of supporters and opponents at the time?Society’s reactions, then vs. now (to what extent has social acceptance improved?)
4th paragraph- Long term or Ongoing effects: (this will include your personal conclusions about how your subject has influenced American culture
5th para-Works Cited, it also has to have in text citations as wellThe advantages of being in an interracial relationship, and how it has affected our culture over the years in a positive manner. (cite examples of famous interracial marriages then vs. now (john lennon, yoko ono and kanye west and kim kardashian)

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