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I have an assignment on two articles about psychology. My teachers directions are below ands so are

I have an assignment on two articles about psychology. My teachers directions are below ands so are the links to the articles. Its due December 3rd. Can you do it?

I have provided links to psychology articles on D2L. If you prepare reports on these articles, you will receive 6 points for each report. All papers must be typed to receive credit. Choose an article to read from this group and read it. Then write a concise summary of the article. In the summary, give the complete reference for the article (author’s name, title, journal, year, and page numbers) and then describe the contents of the article. You are encouraged to describe the basic point ofview, the major points made, any weaknesses in the article that are apparent, and your personal reaction to the article’s content. You should feel free to dispute the article’s conclusions, approach, or importance of the message, if you desire.You should submit your report by placing it in the alphabetized file at the front of the classroom. There is no assigned length for these reports, but it is probably not possible to complete the assignment in less than 4 moderate-length paragraphs. The summary must contain your own descriptions and reactions. Plagiarism in this assignment will be dealt with severely.?

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