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I am writing a research paper trying to see how the negative image of Eve in the Biblical story of h

I am writing a research paper trying to see how the negative image of Eve in the Biblical story of humanity’s fall may affect how women are seen today, specifically in the music industry. I have an introduction, stating the question I am investing, mentioning where I am going, and essentially mapping out the journey I will be taking. Then, I state background information, informing the reader about this negative image that Eve has been given. The next part is supposed to detail what scholars say about my issue — what is the negative image women have in the music industry both now and over the past years (maybe even in different cultures, but mostly in U.S.)? What stats show how they face unjust treatment? What hardships have they faced? I have to use books and journal articles by scholarly authors to prove what’s going on in the music industry today, for both women who are the artists themselves and women as the themes of songs. I want to show how they are objectified and treated unjustly in order to later go on to prove that, perhaps, the negative images of Eve and the negative images of women in the industry go hand in hand.
Primarily, this section is a 4 page background research about women in the music industry — enough for me to later go into detail about certain events that show how I can tie both background sections together. I have provided the general intro to this part of the paper.

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