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I am a student athlete, brother, african america, son, and a friend, make up some things how I expre

I am a student athlete, brother, african america, son, and a friend, make up some things how I express these things will attach the outline to help you guys out.

Shareef Shabazz
Essay Outline

Everybody thinks they know what their self identity is, but lets take a deeper look.
This essay will look deeper into how you express yourself to others through verbal and non verbal communication we will look into both sides your private self and what others see.
In this essay we will look into all the roles we play in society and how they express who we are. We will also look at the hidden side of self and how these two roles differ from each other.

What is self/ what is important in expressing your idea of yourself?
a.What do you show people on the daily?
b. How do you express the roles you play in life?
c.What do there people see you as?
1b. Language and Culture
a. Where do you come from
b. How does this affect the way you express yourself?
c. What culture group do you belong to and do you express it or do you fit in another group?

Body 2
Non-verbal Communication
a. Social media
b. The way you dress
c. Who do you hang out with
d. What do you do in your free time and who do you hang out with?
1b. The side that everyone doesn’t know about
a. What don’t you show?
b. Things about yourself that people may not know.
c. Why don’t you share these things with everyone?
d. Does what other thnk of you match up tp what you think of yourself? and does it matter?

In this essay we went over what self was
a. The different aspects of private self
b. The different aspects of public self
We went over all the important aspects that help us express self identity and how we express it on the daily.
a. Our daily roles we play everyday.
b. The different ways we play each role. Verbal/ Non-verbal.
My thoughts on how self is defined and how we express it. Does public self and private self match up? it all comes down to knowing who you truly are.

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