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Create a 1,400-word change management brief or report. Explain how change management, in the context of Lewin’s or Kotter’s model (select only one), can help the organization become a socially-responsible organization. Apply Lewin’s or Kotter’s model and outline the following: Define the project goals in the context of change management.Propose an action plan for creating change.Establish how progress will be measured.Determine how performance will be validated.         Planning for Change in an Organizaion Report             Organizations must plan for change in order to remain relevant in their industry.  Planning for change starts with a vision of what the company would like to attain in the future.  Project goals must be defined to follow change management ideals.  The next step is the proposed action plan, which embodies the creation of change.  Once ideas are endorsed, an established method of measurement should follow.  A validation process will finish out the organization change.  Interweaving this planning change with Kotter’s model should laud a robust and detailed strategy.  Kotter’s model is built on an eight step method of Urgency, Coalition, Vision, Communication, Empowered Action, Quick Wins, Change Build, and Institutionalized Change (Kotter’s 8 steps of lead change, n.d.).              T-Moble, “…[is an] advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to more than 65.5 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value” (Company information, 2016).  In order for T-Moble to remain relevant in the wireless industry, they must find a way to foster in change on a continuous process improvement culture.  CEOs can use Kotter’s model to carve a path of vision and focus for the 50,000 employees it employ’s.  The change not only affects the employees, but the 308 million Americans that use the service and the stockholders that invest in the publicly traded company.  Project Goals In order for T-Mobile to survive, it must be willing to make specific changes throughout the company to become more sustainable. The sustainability of any company is important to its success. T-Mobile will become more sustainable over the next couple of years and after the first five years they will be the leader of sustainability in the mobile industry. For the company to become the leader, the managers must be willing to understand the urgency of the need for change. T-Mobile is going to create an action plan detailing the direction it wants to go and then develop trainings for the managers and the rest of the employees so that the plan can move forward with everyone on the same page. The goal is to create a feeling of excitement and use that feeling to drive forward toward the top.             The managers will receive the training first so that he or she can be the expert when the change begins. The managers will be tasked with being the “go-to” person in each store so when the other employees take the training they will have a valuable resource nearby and won’t need to jam up the phone lines asking for help. All the employees will be advertisers of the change in order to teach all the customers that they come in contact. The more the buzz and excitement occurs, the more likely the whole company will catch the fire and move towards a  more socially responsible company. Action Plan Leaders developed an action plan that started with introducing key and time critical changes.  Information will be delivered to employees on a regular basis through email, training courses and staff and company meetings.  There will be a web-based portal to track progress in training, see upcoming courses and events and seek support if needed.  Marketing will set up a lot of internal programs to promote employee involvement.  Once staff is familiar with some of the key initiatives T-Moble will establish project teams to accomplish specific goals that contribute to the new strategy.  Leaders will be chosen from these group to be part of management teams who will ensure that goals are met and provide input to senior leadership.  As the individual teams develop, very specific job aids and materials will be dlivered out to each team.  Each team will be provided with productivity goals and tools needed to complete the job. The key leaders will play a critical role in continuing employee engagement and awareness.  Senior leadersip will empower these key leaders throughout their involvement to enable them to be effective and react quickly.  As goals are met by the teams, the ledership will continue to asses the needs of the organization to ensure alignment with the new structure.  As they define critical processes it will be important for leadership to ensure that the process stay in place as designed. Measured Progress John Kotter’s change management model consists of eight steps that must be followed in order to successfully transform T-Mobil from the traditional management model into one that embraces corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  While the original eight step process was proposed twenty years ago it still remains relevant and “…most useful as an implementation planning tool…” (Appelbaum, Habashy, Malo, & Shafiq, 2012).  Before the progress can be measured, the eight steps must be well known and identified so that the OD practitioners can assess the overall transformation.  The eight steps are: establishing a sense of urgency, creating the guiding coalition, develop a vision and strategy, communicating the change vision, empowering broad based change, generating short term wins, consolidating gains and producing more change, and anchoring new approaches in the culture (Pollack & Pollack, 2015).  While measuring progress that does not deal directly with dollars and cents is in itself a bit difficult, trying to measure how well T-Mobile is progressing from a standard management model to a more sustainable company with greater social responsibilities can prove to be an even greater challenge.  One method would be the implementation of various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  KPIs are basically computer applications that measure business performance by comparing scorecards or KPIs against business goals set by T-Mobile management in order to gauge success or failure (Anderson, 2016).  In order for KPIs to be of value they must meet certain conditions such as: achievable, specific, measurable, and result oriented (Anderson, 2016).  As the transformation moves through the various stages of Kotter’s model, these KPIs will need to be constantly monitored and updated.  “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.  If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it.  If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it.  If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” (Rick, 2016).  Performance Validation Performance will be evaluated at several levels.  The first level will be at the project team level.  The project teams will be evaluated in accordance with their KPI comparison to goal.  Individuals will be measured on their production and the leaders will be measured on the productivity of the collective team.  Teams that achieve very high levels of productivity may be choosen to take on additional responsibilities.  Managers must continue to evaluate productivity goals as the conditions alter and new changes are implemented. Leadership also has the responsibility to ensure that staff assignments and projects are inline with the overall strategy as the changes continue to be  implemented.  The company will also continuously validate that each task is the most efficient and effective way to implement the desired changes.  There will be interdepartmental task forces that are established to ensure effective communication across all functional sectors of the business.  As the performance of the company is measured, senior leadership may choose to alter the course or individual tasks to better align with the overall strategy.  There have been many companies that have attemted to execute major changes and completely failed.  T-Mobile Executive Leadership will be responsible for validating the performance of the organization in relation to stockholders.  Implementing process may not always results in the desired outcome.  It will be critical for top leaders to continuously validate the changes inalignment with market conditions and advancements in competition. Conclusion Conclusion 200+word -      References   Anderson, J. (2016). Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from…   Appelbaum, S. H., Habashy, S., Malo, J., & Shafiq, H. (2012). Back to the future: Revisiting Kotter’s 1996 change model.Journal of Management Development, 31(8), 764–782. doi:10.1108/02621711211253231   Ashley Braganza, (2009),’Changing behaviors: an activities-based approach’, Strategic HR Review, Vol. 8 Iss 5 pp. 32 – 37,   Company information. (2016). Retrieved from   Kieran Colville David Millner, (2011),’Embedding performance management: understanding the enablers for change’, Strategic HR Review, Vol. 10 Iss 1 pp. 35 – 40,   Kotter’s 8 steps of lead change. (n.d.). Retrieved from…    Pollack, J., & Pollack, R. (2015). Using kotter’s eight stage process to manage an organisational change program: Presentation and practice. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 28(1), 51-66. doi:   Rick, T. (2016). Meliorate. Retrieved from…

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