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How can you use evidence to improve nursing care as a new nurse?

Hi, please can someone help me look into the attached document. There will be a question & my response to the question. i would want someone to proofread it for me , correct grammatical errors & check if my response to the question was good . Thank you ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Questions: Research is a fundamental role that every nurse and healthcare practitioner plays but in different ways. How can you use evidence to improve nursing care as a new nurse? For this week?s second discussion thread, we will be discussing your current and future roles in relation to nursing research. Believe it or not, you all have been involved in research since becoming nurses, but may not have realized it! How would you consider your current role in nursing research? Do you feel that will change in the future once you graduate from this program? I am looking forward to reading your respons Answer: Evidence base research in nursing is ongoing and ever changing. It is extremely important in the nursing profession and nurses must utilize it. Evidence base research provides the best evidence by research to improve the quality of care and to help cut healthcare cost. As nursing students, we are in the position to use the most current knowledge base on science and education in decision making, as well as using evidence base practice to spearhead the care for our patients. As a new nurse according to Houser (2013) using the research process allows me to ask and answer questions systematically so that I am assured that every decision I make is supported by sound science and rigorous inquiry. Research will also help me as a new nurse in the many areas I may be assigned in it will provide the opportunity for me to be knowledgeable about patient care, education, and administration. As a new nurse I know there are things I may not know so even if I ask other nurses for help I can make sure that the information lines up with evidence based practices, rather than eloquence or tradition (Houser, p. 3-4). As a new Nurse my research finding should promotes quality health outcomes for individuals, families, communities and health care systems (nursing research, 2013). As a nurse I should also use View the Answer the findings of my research to shape health policy in direct care, at the organization that I am employed at, and as long as its evidence based I can use it to change policies at the local, state and federal levels As a new nurse, one needs to have progressive development in service delivery. One ways used to improve nursing is through evidence. In community nursing for example, I would insist on patient following a certain dietary requirement (as advised by the physician) in order to improve health (Houser, 2013). The family members living with the patient are also advised to assist the patient in following dietary requirements in all meals. I would improvise a data sheet that would track dietary balance in meals. Where necessary, I would advise on how to improve meals to attain dietary requirements. In the future it?s up to us as nurses to participate, use and share our experience in order to contribute to the continuum of research in health care. Reference Houser, J. (2015). Nursing research: Reading, using, and creating evidence (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Questions: Research is a fundamental role that every nurse and healthcare practitioner plays but in different ways. How can you use evidence to improve nursing care as a new nurse? For this… I have looked into the document and you have… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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