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Specification: Assignment is to be done individually; in other words, you may not work with someone on this assignment. Please double space. If you do additional research or use someone else’s words cite your sources using MLA format.   Read the assigned article (file is linked from the Blackboard assignment page).  The document should use proper spelling and grammar and be approximately original 600 words. Break the paper in to three sections, one labeled Summary, one labeled Reaction, and one labeled Questions.   ·         Summarize the article in your own words (around 250-300 words) ·         Write your reaction to it (around 250-300 words) ·         Describe three questions that you still have after reading the article (for example, if you don’t understand something, state what is confusing to you and why).  (around 50 words)   Relevant files should be submitted through Blackboard, where you will also find the due date. No printouts necessary.   Grading Criteria: Description Pts Article summary 35 Article reaction 35 Questions 20 Grammar, spelling 10 TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 100

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