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For your first essay, choose one of the three writings from this week and develop the argument furth

For your first essay, choose one of the three writings from this week and develop the argument further into a 3-page essay. Be sure your essay has a good thesis statement and logical order of ideas. You will use only the textbook reading for a source to draw on paraphrases and quotes documented in current 8th edition MLA style. Think about arranging the argument points in logical order, double-check that your thesis statement still works and change it if you need to. Think also about counter-arguments that your reader might have and address those so that your reader will be able to see your logic better. The essay will need a good introduction, thesis statement, organization of ideas, quotes and paraphrases, and a good conclusion. Give your essay a title that makes your reader interested to read the essay. Create a Work Cited page for the source used from our textbook. Choose from among the following prompts:

1. Explain how “The Flower Market” parallels the argument of Gandhi in “Economic and Moral Progress.” What kind of moral progress is Po Chu-i advocating in the poem? Discuss the possibilities in today’s world.

2. Compare Gandhi’s position on the connection between wealth and morality with similar discussions in “The Flower Market.” How do these two texts, taken together, support the idea of widespread religious approach to economics?

3. How does Weil’s view of the spiritual consequences of inequality compare with those of Gandhi in “The Economics of Moral Progress”? Does Gandhi deal with respect for others in the same way that Weil does? Why or why not?

I think the third one would be the easiest one to do. I also have the book that these stories come from but I do not know how to send them. Please call if have further discussion I’m more than happy to help out any way possible!

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