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For the Unit 9 Assignment, you will synthesize your understanding of the theories, best practices, and current trends in psychology to create a case

Discussion 2 First start by reading the article provided in this section, Dixon et. al, (2009), on making a graph in Microsoft Excel. Then briefly collect data on a discrete behavior occurring at your home (or current location). Examples of data that you might collect: The number of times the phone rings, the number of times your son/daughter/husband/wife changes the television channel, the number of times your dog barks, etc. Whatever you decide to collect data on, make sure that it is observable. Your data collection should yield one number, which will translate into one data point on the graph. Then, using Microsoft Excel create a very simple line graph displaying your one data point. Be sure to label your axes correctly. After completing the activity write a short entry where you provide step-by-step instructions on how you created your graph in Excel. Be sure to prepare your instructions assuming that the person reading your instructions has no prior knowledge of Excel.

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