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For each article, please submit a typed annotated bibliography/critique (1-2 pages) of the assigned

For each article, please submit a typed annotated bibliography/critique (1-2 pages) of the assigned research articles. These are the 2 articles:

Article 1: Fransen, J.,Pion, J., Vandendriessche, J., Vandorpe, B., Vaeyens, R., Lenoir, M. & Philippaerts, R. (2012) Differences in physical fitness and gross motor coordination in boys aged 6–12 years specializing in one versus sampling more than one sport, Journal of Sports Sciences, 30:4, 379-386, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2011.642808

Article 2: Malina, R. (2001). Physical activity and fitness: Pathways from childhood to adulthood. American Journal of Human Biology, 13, 162-172.

Summary should answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of the study, chapter, and review article (etc.)?
According to the author(s), why is this purpose important (i.e., what is the rationale for doing this work)?
If it is a study
what was the research question(s)?
what was the theory(s) informing the research question(s)?
who were the participants and what was the setting?
what instrumentation/methodology was used to collect data and what procedures were followed to implement the instrumentation/methodology?
how were the data analyzed?
what were the major findings?
If it is a review article, what were the inclusion criteria and what procedures were followed to identify and access the studies?
What conclusions did the author(s) draw from their work?
In your opinion
what are the strengths of this work?
what are the weaknesses of this work?

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