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FILMS OF DIVERSITY & JUSTICE Gandhi Salt March — Essay (at least 350 words- about a page, double

Gandhi Salt March — Essay

(at least 350 words- about a page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margins)
*** DO NOT: give me a summary of the movies or articles, I’ve seen and read them.***

IN A LETTER addressed to someone you care about, imagine you are living in India under British rule and Gandhi has called for the Salt March, and you are going to join him.
Make this personal, explain why you feel connected to the cause. There is no “right” answer, I only want to hear your reasoning, thoughts and feelings.
Using the Graphic Novel, YOU MUST include:
• 1 Fact or Detail, and
• 2 Quotes (cite only the pg. #)

Think about:
• What moved or touched you to that made you join?
• Why do you feel you should participate and put yourself in harm’s way?
• Are you scared?

This is a short assignment, but that makes it harder, be as specific as you can, but I want to hear your words, in your voice.
• DO NOT simply list your answers. I expect thoughtful, considered, COLLEGE-LEVEL WRITING!!!
• Use spell/grammar check and DO NOT write in “text” — U knO wot I mean!!!

Dear Laurie,
This wasn’t a hard choice. You know I am committed to seeing an India that our son can
live free in. An India that lives by equality. This is why I will march to the sea. I know you are scared. So am I. But our son will come of age with our young nation, I’ll bleed and fight for him, I’ll make it right for him. And if, along with all the others, I lay a strong enough foundation we’ll pass it on to him and all the other Indian kids, can be free of English rule. We’ll give the world to them in a Nation whose destiny they will determine. And it begins with a 240 mile walk to the sea for salt. (p. 4 Graphic Novel).
I can’t just sit by in my comfortable life doing nothing. I was brought up to stand up. I once yelled at a big kid for picking on a little kid. This is the same thing. It’s taking on a bully. And I can’t just pretend it’s not happening. The other thing is simple: I want my life to matter! I want to be part of something big, I don’t want this to happen and my kids ask: what did you do during English rule of India, and my answer is, nothing. I don’t want to look into their eyes as they think their father was so scared, that he did nothing. And I certainly couldn’t look you in the eye if we continue to live under British rule. So, I will march. Scared. But steady.
I’m not Gandhi or Mandela or King. I am just one of the many people behind them. The thousands who made it happen. But as those men directed, I choose non-violence as a means to my end. I will lay my body down in sacrifice to this greater good, knowing violence may be committed against me. And that those who choose to commit violence against me will show that they are the brutal ones. Not me. And not my movement.
Gandhi said, change can “come from something as small as a grain of salt.” (p. 8 Graphic Novel). I will be but one grain in a mountain of salt.

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