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FILMS OF DIVERSITY AND JUSTICE Choose one of the Conflicts presented this semester. India, South Af


Choose one of the Conflicts presented this semester. India, South Africa, Northern Ireland, American (Women Suffrage), America (Civil Rights), America (People vs. The Government; American Patriot, Waco, West Philly)


And tell me:
Part I: DIVERSITY – CONFLICT (at least 375 words)
Summarize the Conflict (in your words). Be sure to address these questions (Do Not simply create a list with answers. See my example below.)
Who was the Majority?
What did they want?
What other group in the films we screened was had a similar conflict?
Compare and contrast these groups. How were they similar? How were they different?
Who was the Minority?
What did they want?
What other group in the films we screened was had a similar conflict?
Compare and contrast these groups. How were they similar? How were they different?

Part 2: JUSTICE – RESOLUTION (at least 375 words) How was the Conflict resolved?
What method of justice, Restorative and Retributive was used to bring about a Resolution of this Conflict. (Make sure write this so I know what the definition of the method is).
Why do you think this method was used?
Why do you think it worked?
How would you solve this Conflict using the other method of Justice?

? Include TWO Short Quotes from the readings. (Cite the readings by Author name, Article
Title) (Attached)
? Use TWO Examples from the films screened (use examples from film “Selma”)

An Example (I cited author’s last name only, you will not.)

The Bosnian War was fought after the breakup the Yugoslavia. The area of was known as Bosnia-Herzegovina. The population was 44% Muslim Bosniaks, 32% Orthodox Serbsand 17% Catholic Croats. (Cummings). The Serbs also had the advantage that most of the military was located on land they occupied. Still, the groups tried to hold a referendum to declare their Independence. But the Serbs boycotted. And lead by Slobodan Milosevic and the army, they fought a war to drive the Muslim Bosniaks out. This war featured atrocities on both sides. But the moment that turned the war was the Srebrenica massacre. Some have called it a genocide as over 8000 Muslim Bosniaks, mostly men and boys, were murdered and left in mass graves. (Wesolowsky)
The crimes committed were crimes against humanity and crimes against the laws and customs of war committed, this included mass rape, torture and sexual enslavement. (Black).
In 2017, A UN tribunal sentenced a former Bosnian Serb commander life imprisonment for his role in these crimes. (Wesolowsky)
The Muslim Bosniaks were the majority and didn’t want to live in a Serbian majority. MacDowall). Like the Black folks in South Africa, they wanted to see a government that reflected their representation in relation to their population. (MacDowall.)
[Add Details that are similar between the two groups].
[Add Details that are different between the two groups]. DO THE SAME FOR THE MINORITY GROUP.
The Security Council of the United Nations voted to establish an International Tribunal to investigate and charge those who committed crimes on the territory of the former Yugoslavia since 1991. To do this, the UN Council worked with its member Nations to establish the rules of the Court. This process took almost 10 years. (Wikipedia.)
This was similar to the War Tribunal used to try those German Officers involved with the Holocaust after World War II in the film we screened.. This Tribunal, like a criminal court, uses Retributive justice. Those found guilty would face charges up to life in prison. But unlike the Military Tribunal after World War II, death was not an option for those found guilty.
I believe this method was used because the war didn’t end by an negotiated Agreement between the opposing people. Likewise, there was not Mandela, Ghandi or Martin Luther King, Jr. figure to bring people together. Moreover, the Bosnian war was about land, and who controlled which
part of the Country. Because of this, a restorative Justice model may have helped resolve inter-community disagreement, but would not help issues concerning land. Still, the resolution, which were signed in Dayton, Ohio and is referred to as the Dayton Accords, was similar to the Agreement George Mitchell made in Northern Ireland and government representation, Constitutional changes, as well as land.
But if restorative justice were to be used I would start with the massacre at Srebrenica. Having the soldiers or leaders face the families and detail their acts would like in South Africa, be cathartic. I would also make sure that atrocities on all side were addresse and confronted. To do this, I would make sure that each group understood that it is not the number of acts committed- but the act of detailing them and seeking and granting forgiveness. This issue would be the biggest hurdle, I imagine. IF one group committed say 10,000 crimes and another only 1,000, how will I get those who had more acts committed against them to agree to this?
For this, I would seek a mutually respected individual to work to bring the sides together. South Africa had Bishop Desmond Tutu, I would find someone equally respected to lead the Bosnian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. by Erica Cummings commander-mladic-final-verdict/28869026.html by Tony Wesolowsky by Mark Danner by Ian Black ns-in-this-serb-enclave-of-bosnia-and-herzegovina-a6771766.html by Andrew MacDowall
Wikipedia Entry for International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

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