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exercise and its effect on adolescence essay

Here is the information the professor gave for this assignment. There should be 1000-1200 words in this paper. The last paper you did for me was amazing, but the professor said the conclusion wasn’t strong enough. So please make sure there is a strong intro body and conclusion. The three sources that should be used are (the textbook, the film itself, and an outside acceptable source – preferably, a scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article).    The video you should use is:   Tipurita, L. (Director). (2003). The child sex trade [Documentary]. United Kingdom: Channel 4 Cutting Edge. i For more details, click here. i Related textbook chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 14, and 15. i Note: You don’t have to purchase or rent this documentary. It is available online for free at   1.       First, download, read, and use the PowerPoint outline in conjunction with this week’s textbook reading.  Tab: Course Documents 2.       Watch the nine video clips posted.  Attempt to complete this task, along with task #1, by no later than MONDAY, so you will be able to complete the remaining tasks for this week.  Tab: Course Documents 3.       Rent, purchase, or download the second and LAST audio-visual (see syllabus), which is a required viewing.  Follow the instructions in the “Internet/Library Exercise & Mini-Reaction Paper Requirements” file.  Tab: Course Information 4.       Your next task for Week 14 will be to (a) read this week’s DB, which contains next week DQ’s instructions, (b) continue brainstorming some ideas for next week’s paper, (c) continue searching the Internet or library for a source that will support your discussion (browse next week’s textbook readings, as well, before settling on a source, since you may find an interesting topic in those readings), and (d) revise the first draft into a second draft based on A, B, and C (note: the final draft will be due next week).  Tab: Discussion Board       AUDIO-VISUALS FOR THE MINI-REACTION PAPERS ¸ Scope: As stated in the syllabus, there are 2 required videos and 2 that are optional (extra credit), creating opportunities for students to explore course topics in action via an essay. Allow yourself not just enough time to watch the film but also enough time to do the readings and digest what you have watched and read, so as to put the results together into a unified account (i.e., a reaction paper). ¸ Purpose: Students will challenge their understanding of course materials, generate critical debates, and ultimately, discover and reshape their own appreciation for the film and course’s subject by utilizing their writing/research and critical thinking skills through a series of complete, but concise reaction papers. Note: A reaction paper is NOT a research paper; reaction essays are more relaxed in nature than a formal research paper. ¸ Rent or Purchase: Find any of the films at a DVD/video and game rental chain, such as or You may also nominally purchase them over the Internet with reputable companies who sell goods, such as The final choice is yours, but the best option for those not wishing to purchase a film is to checkout other various rental methods. Many websites now have short-term rentals, downloads, and streaming video content without a subscription. Whatever you decide, do it as soon as possible to avoid setbacks. ¸ After Watching: After viewing a film at least twice (first, to gain some general impressions and a few possible points to develop; second, to look for evidence to develop or support your main points), taking notes, and “trying out” some main ideas, I suggest settling on one central concern/issue, explore it in a systematic way, and present it as clearly as possible. If you do not know what to write about, watching the director’s comments and interviews in the DVD menu can possibly give you ideas you might have overlooked. Ø Important: Understand that I need assurance that not only you watched the film, but also can relate it to something else … anything … anything relevant to the course. M Please, whatever you do, DO NOT give too much plot summary or re-cap of each movie (unless an exact connection to something immediately follows) NOR give a REGURGITATION of handouts/lecture notes (unless, again, if you’re going to make exact references to something else in order to make a valid point). What you should do INSTEAD is state what you actually learned from watching the film through EXPLICIT links between course materials and references used. M One technique to avoid too much story telling is to choose a narrow thesis, focusing on, for example, a single scene or perhaps on a secondary character as it relates to a sociological/criminological theory. If you focus on a major character or central theme as it pertains to a specific theory, you’re more likely to follow them through the whole film, and tell the whole story from the course’s viewpoint. A more mechanical approach is to arbitrarily limit your plot summary to a single short paragraph. ¸ Picking Film: Pick ONE movie or documentary from each list below that you have NOT reacted to, but would like to write about. Do not solely rely on each film’s synopsis. If time permits, I suggest watching all of them, since you will not know which one is the best to react to. If you do this, you will be able to choose a film that piqued your interest within the specified weeks. Since they are relevant to the entire course, you will not be wasting your time. ¸ Picking Related Chapters: Some chapters are more relatable than others to a film, so it is impossible to pinpoint only one or two chapters. After reading the textbook and deciding how you will discuss a film, it is up to you to pick the appropriate chapters to backup your reaction (note: there is more than one chapter relatable to a particular film). ¸ List Requirements: Each list has requirements. For example, in Week 11 (List II), you can choose a film from Week 9 (List I) ONLY if you can relate it to one course topic from Weeks 1-9 AND another topic from Weeks 10 & 11 (i.e., a minimum of two topics must be covered in your essay; if you don’t do this, you will receive an Professor Lozada Evaluation Procedures (Rev. 2/17/16) Page 3 of 9 “F” for the paper; otherwise, if it’s Week 11, ignore List I and only pick from List II). This example applies to all lists below.       Instructions:           After reading Announcements page, reviewing all course materials for this week, and quickly browsing through next week’s last two textbook chapters, proceed to next week’s DQ listed below.   Discussion Question (W15 DQ – PAPER #2) for next week: ▪      First, re-read page 2 of the “Internet/Library Exercise & Mini-Reaction Paper Requirements” file located in the Course Information tab, which contains specific instructions for this last mini-reaction paper. ▪      Now, after watching — at least twice — the film you picked from List IV (or, from I, II, or III, only if certain requirements are met), decide how you would like to approach Paper #2.  This means: Will you be discussing your reactions based on the entire film, parts of the film, or a specific course topic you observed in the film?  Structure the essay based on your approach. ▪      After finalizing what you are going to talk about, conduct an Internet (preferably, library) search for an acceptable source that will further support your reaction, the textbook, and/or the film itself. a.    Remember, by completing all of the written exercises in this course, you should now be able to produce an essay that contains higher levels of thinking (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).  These are the levels you need to be at in graduate-level courses (if you decide to go this route), or at the very least, at the workplace so that general expectations can be exceeded (note: This is the reason why next week’s DQ is worth the most in points). b.    I would prefer your search to focus on a primary or secondary source, but a tertiary source or gray literature are best coupled with primary/secondary sources. ▪      While using the outside source you found, course materials presented in the entire course(including next week’s materials, when made available), and course’s textbook, write the first draft, so that you can edit it on your own next week for a final draft. ▪      In your next week’s final draft, you will be asked the following (include prior to or as part of your conclusion): a.       Address an appropriate audience within response.  I do hope you have learned the importance of this because knowledge of audiences will be needed in an advanced or research writing class (click here for video). b.       State exactly what new item you learned by doing this particular paper (i.e., find something that you did not know beforehand and briefly discuss your learning process).  Other ideas to think about: By presenting the logical outcome of your research and thinking, can you recommend a course of action, make a prediction, propose a solution to a problem, offer a judgment, or speculate on the implications and consequences of your ideas?  Explain how anyone (a professional or nonprofessional) can use your reaction.  Because this will be your last writing assignment for the semester, it is the time to be reflective, as you did in Week 7’s Internet/Library Exercise. c.        CONCLUDE your essay with your own “final thoughts” on crime and social deviance as a whole.  Put this immediately after your conclusion (NOT as part of your conclusion) and with its own appropriate title of “Final Thoughts.”  I will give mine next week in Week 15’s Course Documents folder.  However, before writing your “final thoughts,” review your response to Week 2’s DQ (“The Diversity of Deviance”).  As discussed in the syllabus, the purpose of this course was not to necessarily change your personal viewpoints on American deviant behavior, but at the very least, to broaden them.  Discuss how you are now better equipped to have a better understanding of yourself as a social being and knowledge of how you should relate to others.  Ultimately, how is this course very useful in understanding how crime, deviance, and delinquency fit into the world around you? d.       Number of Sources Needed in Initial: You should have a “References” (APA writing style) or “Works Cited” (MLA writing style) section containing a minimum of 3 sources (our textbook, the film itself, and an outside acceptable source – preferably, a scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article).

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