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ENGL 1102 Paper 2 Pick ONE of the following topics for your paper, but there’s still a catch: you c

ENGL 1102
Paper 2

Pick ONE of the following topics for your paper, but there’s still a catch: you cannot use any authors or poems listed on our syllabus. Choose from the unassigned poems in the textbook, or track down your own poems from library texts or the Web.

1. Read five or six poems by a single author. Concentrate on a single significant element (themes, imagery, diction, etc.) treated similarly in all the poems, and write a comparison paper highlighting those similarities. Then make an informed speculation as to why the similarity exists. Bring in biographical and historical data as needed.

2.Analyze two or more works from the same author using one of the critical approaches that we’ve explored throughout the semester: historical, psychological, reader-response, etc. In your introduction, tell me why you chose that particular system to use on the texts you’re examining. Note: Don’t pick something that’s already been analyzed in the textbook.

3. Do Topic 1 or 2 with songs instead of poetry. Analyze two or more songs using a critical approach from the textbook, or look at a set of songs from the same artist (or songs from different artists in the same genre) for similarities in themes, imagery, symbols, etc.

Minimum length: 3 pages, NOT counting your Works Cited page
Maximum length: 4 full pages, NOT counting your Works Cited page

Grammatical correctness (subjects and verbs agree, spelling is perfect, etc)

Basic paper elements as discussed in class

MLA paper style

You must incorporate a minimum of three quotations from three
separate sources with accompanying citations and Works Cited Page entries.
You should have at least one significant quote from each of the poems/songsyou’re examining.

Any paper submitted with unauthorized online sources (Sparknotes, Wikipedia, etc.) will receive an instant D.“Googled” sources may be accepted, but must be cleared with mebefore use.

Any paper with more sources listed than appear in the paper (or vice versa) willreceive an instant D.

Any paper that I cannot identify all of sources in will also receive an instant D.

Any paper submitted without research, without in-text citations, or without a works-cited page will receive an instant F.

I have attached a copy of the course lesson plan that shows what poems and authors have been assigned to us.

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