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Dr. Root English 1020 Semi-Weekly Writing Assignment 1: Annotation and Summary Worth 25 points D

Dr. Root

English 1020

Semi-Weekly Writing Assignment 1: Annotation and Summary

Worth 25 points

Due Feb. 1 (by midnight)

For this writing assignment, your first step will be to annotate the argumentative essay “Should Writers Use They Own English?” by Vershawn Ashanti Young. (Annotating texts means you read a text carefully, usually more than once, and mark things that strike you as original or unusual, note key ideas in the text, call out words or ideas you find confusing or don’t understand, signal rhetorical devices or strategies, and/or write short notes about the meaning of particular parts of the reading.) The text of the essay is available as a .pdf in the Week 1 module. Some specifics:

You can annotate on the electronic copy or print it out and annotate on a print copy.
You must annotate the whole text, not just a page or paragraph or two. Please don’t be discouraged—it’s a challenging text.
If you use special marks on the text—for example, you circle words you don’t know, underline key ideas, highlight in different colors, or put stars next to things you want to remember—you will need to submit a key to the marks.
To turn in annotations, you can either scan a copy of the hard copy, or you can submit an electronic copy if you annotate that way.
The second step of the assignment is to write a one-paragraph summary of the essay. The summary should cover the main idea Young is arguing, how he supports that idea, what his writing style entails, and any conclusions you think he reaches by the end. What the summary should NOT include: direct quotations from the text and your personal judgment on his argument. The summary must be typed, with your name and date in the upper left-hand corner, double-spaced, in a 12-point font. You will submit it through Canvas.

If you have any questions about this assignment, please ask!

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