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Document Analysis 1. Read the attached document (“Midterm Document Analysis.pdf”).  It is an excerpt

Document Analysis
1. Read the attached document (“Midterm Document Analysis.pdf”).  It is an excerpt from an 1823 book by a European visitor to Canada.
2. Answer the following question:
What does this document tell us about Canadian customs and communal justice?  
Once you have read and likely re-read the document, think about the content and how it relates to the readings/ideas in Lesson 3.  For this answer you will need to think about how what is described in the document fits with the ideas and examples raised in the readings and podcasts in Lesson 3.
Your answer must be in paragraph form and be between 400-700 words.  
lesson three articles:
Bryan Palmer, “Discordant Music: Charivaris and Whitecapping in Nineteenth-Century North America.” Labour 3 (1978).
homas Stone, “The Mounties as Vigilantes: Perceptions of Community and the Transformation of Law in the Yukon, 1885-1897.” Law & Society Review. 14:1 (1979).

Do not use any materials outside of the course readings and the course podcasts.  If you use outside information (including information from the internet) in your answers you will have marks deducted or receive no marks for the answer.
Your answer will be run through plagiarism software.
for referencing something from either articles: For example, you might say:  “This idea is clearly seen in Palmer’s article on the charivari.”  That would suffice for a reference.

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